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Decentralized Web Browser built on top of IPFS

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Main Features

Why should you choose LibreWeb?


The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol ensures that content is distributed across nodes and delivered reliably with no potential single-point-of-failure. LibreWeb capitalizes on all the benefits of IPFS and then some.

Censorship Resistant

Neither governments nor corporations can censor or block content due LibreWeb’s decentralized nature.

Fast & Easy

LibreWeb Browser renders content fast, using easy Markdown syntax as source-code. Anyone can easily build a website without any technical skills using LibreWeb’s built-in, familiar, user-friendly content editor and Markdown. With LibreWeb Browser, content is King.


LibreWeb Browser is fully open-source, free software licensed under the MIT license.


Data is content-addressed and searchable via your public key (signed by your private key).


Surf anonymously on the decentralized web, the way the WWW was intended. There’s no javascript, no tracking, no cookies, no telemetry, no adware.


Todays Internet is centralized and controlled by big (tech) businesses and corporations. Even governments have controls over the Internet. With LibreWeb that will change.

The goal of LibreWeb is to have a fully-free & open-source, decentralized Internet - with no potential single-point-of-failure and no censorship.

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Melroy van den Berg

Melroy van den Berg


I became inspired to create a decentralized web.

LibreWeb Browser effectively counters a world that is becoming increasingly centralized, monetized and censored by big-tech corporations and governments.


We are truly grateful to all the wonderful humans and companies supporting the LibreWeb project.

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Help & Contribute

If you are looking for help or support,
here is a list to get you started:

  • Documentation: Find out more about the LibreWeb project, answers to your FAQs, How-Tos and ways to connect with the LibreWeb community at the LibreWeb Documentation web site.
  • General Questions & Discussions: Use Matrix or Telegram.
  • Bugs & Feature Requests: Submit an issue on the LibreWeb Browser GitLab repository.
  • Contribute: Do you like to contribute? There are several different ways you can speed up the coming of a truly free and decentralized Internet! Check out the Contribute page to find out more.

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